Concierge Medical Care

custom for your needs.

When you are facing a serious illness,

Our Nashville Suboxone Doctors stand by you for life.

For our current patients from Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi, our Doctors are here for you and with you for life. Our buprenorphine treatments usually make you feel better, often normal, and feeling well. Our services and treatment for Opioid Use Disorder are broad within the scope of our competence and capacity.
Our Suboxone Doctors have been giving suboxone since 2011.

Our Suboxone Clinic focuses on providing services to support your ability to work and prosper in life. Most of our patients work, usually very hard, and all of our patients contribute to their family and their community. Your success matters and if you’re not working, we will provide guidance to be productive again. If you are working, we want you to make as much money as is legally and morally possible.
Some of our patients see an astonishing increase in their take-home pay with ongoing, continuous treatment.

You are working 10-12 hours per day, six days a week, often a long way from your home in Tennessee, sleeping at Super Six, and eating at McDonald’s. Your time is limited. You need us to be flexible and supportive within the limits of the state and federal rules for Suboxone.
You are a busy professional supporting children and adolescents. Your time is precious.
Each of you has your own unique requirements. All of you need us to be respectful of your time.

We have provided Suboxone and medical services in the common diseases of internal medicine, as well as depression, for two decades to the uninsured patient. Our Concierge Doctors are experienced in giving you treatments which you can afford. Our Concierge Medicine is covered within our basic price. We do not provide emergency room, procedures, or inpatient services. There are limits that are defined by our competence, scope of practice, and the fact that we are an ambulatory clinic. You must pay for your own medicine. We are not a substitute for an excellent insurance policy.
Whatever your circumstances, we welcome you.

We are delighted that you have just entered the “free world.” You will be experiencing cravings and compulsions. The scene has changed. The world you are entering has become much more dangerous if you choose to use heroin again. Re-entering the free world carries an increased risk from overdose.
It is important to us that you keep your freedom and life.
We will provide you with guidance to enable you to earn the trust of your officer. We will write letters to ensure that you are not forced off suboxone due to arbitrary, administrative decisions.

Medical care has become so much better. Medical science has been extraordinarily prolific in producing new, effective treatments. It is a blessing to live today.
Medical care has also become much more industrialized and much more systematic. The best physician for you for your specific problem may be next door to you, in a regional medical center or in a national medical center. Sorting through this decision-making process is complicated.

We are independent. We have contemporary knowledge of Tennessee. We have sent patients recently to Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Hospitals, and MD Anderson. We will assist you in choosing your portfolio of physicians and medical centers.
We can and will give you objective advice which your physician who is employed by the Medical Center is no longer allowed to do. We are in private practice in a wholly owned physician practice with no hidden obligations to any major medical center which restricts our independent judgement. We receive no payments from any medical centers. We have no conflicts of interest which would distort our advice to you.
Our families receive medical care from physicians at independent private practices, from physicians employed by major medical centers, from physicians employed by community health centers and by physicians who are located outside of Tennessee.
We will provide you with objective advice.

Our Team & Suboxone Doctors

Our Policy Is Employment For Life. Our colleagues’ security mirrors your security with us. Employment for life allows us to:

  • Focus upon learning your specific needs for buprenorphine and serving you best.
  • Focus upon self-improvement and better methods for treating you with Suboxone.
  • Compete against ourselves and consistently advance our Suboxone Clinic’s performance.

With pride, we present Our Team to you, in alphabetic order by their last name.

Emily Arnold

Chief of Suboxone Therapy

Bachelor of University Studies with an emphasis in Social Work, University of Tennessee, Martin 

MS in Psychology, University of Phoenix


Career Distinctions: Emily Arnold has a dedication to service which is rare. She answers her phone 24/7, providing guidance and emotional support at the time of your anguish. Emily gets “rave reviews” from our patients. Emily has prolonged professional experience as both a social worker/case manager and a counselor. We deeply appreciate Emily’s contribution to our practice.

Laverne Burum

Medical Records Administrator

Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge TN


Career Distinctions: Laverne is a dedicated medical records administrator who loves data management. Laverne has had a substantial amount of professional experience in medical records at Centerstone as well as in customer service at Amerigroup. Laverne has a quiet, but always dedicated, approach that you will enjoy. We deeply appreciate Laverne’s contribution to our practice.

Wylena Conway


Central High School, Savannah TN


Career Distinction: Wylena provides emotional stability and wisdom to the practice. We deeply appreciate Wylena’s contribution to our practice.

Kathy Fleming

Chief of Epidemiology, Vice President of Innovation

BS Biology University of Kentucky

MPH. University of Kentucky

Green Belt. Villanova University


Career Distinctions: Kathy is a “quant.” She has a gift for bringing order to messy data and for her insightful questioning. Her gift for analytics is exceptional. Her dedication to self-improvement is demonstrated by her ongoing mastery of six sigma. We deeply appreciate her contribution to our practice.

Christy Sparks

Office Manager

Hardin County High School, Savannah TN

Certification in Medication Administration for Unlicensed Personnel, Division of Retardation for State of Tennessee


Career Distinctions: Christy has, and continues to demonstrate, a rare leadership ability. Christy is compassionate while having the practical judgment to make excellent individual and organizational decisions. Christy has run a high-volume retail store and managed its collections. Her dedication to our practice is deeply appreciated.

Shearande St-Fleur

Creative Director

BS in Organizational Management, Oakwood University


Career Distinctions: Shearande has a unique combination of artistic creativity combined with the ability to orchestrate administrative processes. Shearande has a profound multi-cultural understanding associated with deep resilience. Shearande taught English as a second language in China. Her thoughtfulness and quiet contribution to our practice are deeply appreciated.

Kelli Tole

Director of Medical Assistants

Riverside High School, Decaturville TN

CNA Certification


Career Distinctions: Kelli is a Certified Nursing Assistant who is a wife and mother of four active children. Kelli is supremely well-organized in balancing her home and work. Kelli is responsible for ensuring that your visit with us is leisurely with the physician, but rapid through the administrative process. Kelli also ensures your visit is discrete and efficient. Kelli manages the analytics of time-based competition. We deeply appreciate Kelli’s contribution to our practice.

Brianna Wright

Medical Assistant

New Beginning Christian Academy, Savannah TN


Career Distinctions: Brianna brings consistent optimism and charm to her duties as a medical assistant. Brianna is aggressive in self-improvement and is devoted to her work with Kelli. We deeply appreciate Breanna’s contribution to our practice.