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For Your Life Threatening Disease

Understanding Your Choices

Opioid Use Disorder is a serious, lifelong, disease with a serious, lifelong treatment. Think very carefully before you choose your treatment and your physician.  You will have an expensive, painful journey if you choose a physician or treatment which is wrong for you. Caveat Emptor! Let the buyer beware!

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In your serious illness, we are with you for life.

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Being a Patient With Conway


Our fee is clear, simple, and stable. You will receive quality care and Doctor Conway’s cell phone number. There are never surprises about our monthly pricing.


Independent buildings in both Jackson and Belle Meade, TN allow us to provide you with very discrete, concierge medical care in the tradition of classic internal medicine.

Our Team

We have employment for life. We will know each other for years. Our West Tennessee based team has been complimented for years for their compassion.

A Patient Speaks

A middle aged business man discusses the impact of his illness and of our treatment.

Why Choose Conway?

Is Our Medical Home For You?

Our medical home will make your life much easier.

We Cater To Patients Who Work

We accommodate patients who work.

Your Time Is Important To Us

We respect your time.

We Welcome Uninsured Patients

We are a value seldom found today.

We Welcome Patients From Corrections

We are experts in correctional healthcare.

Optimizing Your Physician Choices

If you have the means and the commitment to obtain the medical care which is best for you, we will guide you.

Voices of Our Patients

The effectiveness of long-term buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment

Our Core Competencies

We dedicate this website to the State of Tennessee, to its practitioners, and to the patients they serve. We continue our education in order to serve you to the best of our abilities in your medical care. The Conway Clinic employs only compassionate, qualified, and considerate team members.

Shaping of Todays Medicine

Cultural movements, philosophical paradigms, regulations, historical antecedents, and changes in the business of healthcare which provide the context of your healthcare.

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Our Blog

News from Us and Discussions Important to Practice in Tennessee.

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Reviews of Significant Medical Literature

Articles relevant to you from the New England Journal of Medicine, the Annals of Internal Medicine, the Eskind Biomedical Library, and collected works of Nyswanger and Dole.

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